Evolem, a philanthropic entrepreneur
The vision of entrepreneur Bruno Rousset is founded on societal commitment, so Evolem has been taking action in the public interest domain for many years. We take a philanthropic entrepreneurial approach which can be seen through the creation, guidance and support offered to non-profit, high-impact initiatives. We focus on a limited number of projects in order to foster high-quality partnerships which are conducive to their development. Evolem staff members devote their skills (strategy, finance, communications, etc.) and time to the benefit of the projects supported in order to uphold our community values.

Specific areas of involvement

Our philanthropic work focuses on 5 areas and is supported by the patronage of Evolem and two dedicated endowment funds: Evolem Citoyen and Domorrow.
  • Integration and access to employment for young people (Evolem Citoyen endowment fund)
  • Environment and ecological transition (Domorrow family endowment fund)
  • Fighting insecurity
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Culture

Supported projects
Young beneficiaries of programs supported by Evolem Citoyen
Evolem employees involved in skills patronage
Key figures Philanthropy at 01/01/2021
Logo d'Eden School
Evolem and Evolem Citoyen are the founding patrons of EDEN School, the first and only centre in France to train pupils w…
Logo de Key4job is a tool developed by EVOLEM Citoyen in 2015. It is an online guide offering career and job seeking advice a…
logo du musée des Confluences
The aim of the endowment fund is to foster, support and develop the museum’s scientific, cultural, educational and socia…
Logo Foyer Notre Dame des Sans Abris
Project Inkermann: creation of a place to accommodate women alone or with children. The building will be built on 7 lev…
Logo de Le Prado
A child welfare organisation, le Prado offers various schemes. We support the integration through housing programme, whi…
logo club du Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon
The Saint-Pierre museum club is an endowment fund which was set up by a group of companies based in and around Lyon. Thi…
Logo de la Nouvelle Cour
Nouvelle Cour is a communications agency which works to promote the professional integration of young people in urban ar…
Logo de Ronalpia
A social enterprise incubator, Ronalpa identifies, selects and supports social entrepreneurs who offer solutions to soci…
Logo d'Article 1
Article 1 works to promote equal opportunities in order to foster social mobility and to ensure young people from low-in…
Logo d'Année Lumière
Année Lumière helps young people who have lost their way by offering them a year out to get to know themselves better, b…
Logo d'Unis-Cité
We support the Coop’R programme developed to promote the social and professional integration of young refugees through c…
Logo de Mozaïk RH
A social outplacement firm, Mozaïk RH helps companies looking to diversify their recruitment, and young graduates facing…
Logo de Booster Saint Jean
This non-profit organisation was established as part of the Zero Unemployment Area plan implemented in the Saint Jean di…
logo de l'Entreprise des Possibles
Evolem is one of the founding members of this endowment fund launched by Alain Mérieux, bringing together Lyon-based com…
Logo d'Arcenciel
Arcenciel France runs various training courses including the Process Méditerranée programme which we support. This progr…
Logo de l'association 60000 rebonds
The non-profit organisation, 60 000 Rebonds helps post-bankruptcy entrepreneurs to bounce back following an entrepreneur…
Logo Péniche Accueil
The barge-day centre has been been operating since March 1993 on a barge named ‘Balajo’. Its aim is to offer assistance …
logo du festival de Pérouges
The Printemps de Pérouges festival, which will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2021, is a must-see event in the local …
logo de l'Orchestre Symphonique de Confluences
The Philippe Fournier orchestra has consistently demonstrated its ambition to encourage musical outreach and partnership…
logo du Musée des Beaux -Arts de Lyon
A museum at your fingertips. A tool to help understand this complex and remarkable architecture, the 3D model of the bui…
P.E.R.L.E. is an employment access program for people who are far removed from employment and reside in shelters.
The Foundation Entrepreneurs de la Cité was born from the impetus of 8 founding members, including EVOLEM, and assists e…

Since 2013, Explore has brought together and supported new explorers looking to develop optimistic and practical project…
Logo Polar Pod
The Polar Pod expedition aims to conduct research into the Antarctic ocean. A major ocean carbon sink and driving force …
Logo Renaissance écologique
This non-profit organisation runs awareness-raising campaigns about the issues surrounding the green transition. It hold…
Rejoué is a non-profit organisation focusing on integration. Its work involves collecting, cleaning, reassembling and se…
Logo Atelier Emmaüs
Making items with your own hands enables you to find beauty. That is the saying at the Emmaüs workshop, a training-works…
The Climate Generation programme is run by the Nicolas Hulot foundation, which, by supporting projects, aims to raise aw…

Photo portrait de Nicolas Rousset
Chairman of Evolem and Member of the Supervisory Board
Photo portrait de Ségolène de Montgolfier
CSR Director
Evolem CSR
Photo portrait de Lucile Exartier
Chair & Patronage Assistant
Chair / CSR

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