Our commitments

Responsible investor.

Our CSR strategy draws on our fundamental values and has been part of Evolem’s identity since the very beginning:

– A family firm rooted in a common culture and values
– A founder who is a committed entrepreneur, a responsible and philanthropic investor
– A focus on action and a clear moral code
– Long-term support to entrepreneurs and projects

Team work

Our purpose has been put into writing and approved by all our staff, who also chose four sustainable development goals based on the following criteria: what unites us, where we can take action and make a contribution. These elements guide and enlighten our investment and philanthropic decision-making, and also set a path towards progress for ourselves and our stakeholders.

* This initiatives can be companies, associations, real estate projects.

Helping sustainable initiatives* which promote entrepreneurship, employment and the environment to thrive.

4 Sustainable Development Goals

We support access to education and training for all, lifelong learning and access to knowledge on sustainable development issues.

We are committed to our initiatives to create sustainable, quality employment and fair pay for all.

We contribute to the reduction of inequalities, notably by sharing the creation of value and by supporting initiatives that ensure equal opportunities.

We advance all our initiatives in sustainable management and respectful use of natural resources.

Our ambition and what sets us apart

This CSR approach lies at the heart of the company vision and strategy as established by our Family Office’s Supervisory Board.

Sharing is a core part of this: including sharing added value from sales, implementing an employee stock ownership plan at Evolem, and promoting these schemes among our shareholdings.

A strategy which is based on the involvement of all business areas. It breaks down into cross-cutting action plans and ESG road maps per activity. Each staff member is involved in this approach, 50% of the team’s profit sharing is conditional on implementing annual road maps.
To support this strategy, we invest in skills: training (climate mural, decarbonising financial assets, multi-capital accountancy), setting up a dedicated team and bringing in experts to support our initiatives (ESG assessment carried out by PWC, implementation of carbon audits).

Finally, at Evolem, philanthropy is a pillar of our CSR: a single team both steers philanthropic activity and implements the CSR strategy, within the Engagement Department.

Our principles of action

To protect the environment and contribute to sustainable development

Reduce our environmental footprint by aligning with the Paris Agreement’s 1.5 degree trajectory while reducing our pressures on resources and biodiversity.

To combine economic and social performance

To create jobs, invest in training and promote diversity and inclusion within the organisations we support.

To commit to safeguarding and supporting the most vulnerable populations

To contribute to the common good through our philanthropic commitment and through the involvement of staff members (skill-based sponsorship and solidarity-based initiatives) as well the companies we support.

500 T
Carbon footprint 2021 in CO²e
8 113
Jobs created in our companies in 2023
Donations distributed in 2023
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