EVOLEM’s social commitment

2 minutes de lecture


Since its creation in 1997, EVOLEM has chosen to place the community at the heart of its actions, in line with the values of its founder, Bruno ROUSSET.

Among the key examples of this commitment are : the creation of Fondation Entrepreneurs de la Cité (2006), the investment in Groupe Id’ées (2008), the creation of the endowment fund EVOLEM Citoyen (2014), the opening of the first digital school aimed at the under-18s, EDEN School (2017) and the commitment to Entreprise des Possibles (2019).

Since July 2013, EVOLEM has been a signatory of the PRI (Principles of Responsible Investment), and endeavors to apply these principles at all stages of its investment process, notably through environmental and social audits but also through the drafting of documents determining the principles of governance within its portfolio companies.

Because of our strong ESG policy, we have been asked by CF News to be included in the ESG Directory of unlisted funds.

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