Acoem strengthens its environmental monitoring capabilities with a new strategic acquisition in the USA

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Acoem strengthens its environmental monitoring capabilities with the strategic acquisition of Met One Instruments, Inc.

With the world’s attention currently focused on air quality and climate action at the United Nation’s COP26 conference, now is a perfect opportunity to for two market leaders in the air quality monitoring sector to converge — creating a single, stronger and more future-focused provider of holistic environmental monitoring solutions.

Thanks to Evolem’s support, Acoem is proud to welcome Met One Instruments Inc (Met One) into the environmental division of its global company in Oregon, USA.

This acquisition is a game changer for Acoem and will solidify its position — not only as a major manufacturer of class-leading monitoring equipment, but also as the only truly all-inclusive environmental monitoring solution provider — offering in-house environmental service and maintenance capabilities and expert reporting and data analysis on a global scale.

By combining its technology across all monitoring parameters, Acoem will be accelerating its growth to leverage opportunities in a market that is seeing a dynamic shift from government management to privatisation of environmental monitoring functionality around the world.

Met One Instruments Inc, under the leadership of founder and CEO Tom Pottberg, has been developing innovative ambient air measurement and air quality monitoring solutions from its headquarters in Grants Pass,  for more than 30 years.

Read the Acoem’s press release of the 1st of November 2021.