Cap Vert Group takes a new step in its growth strategy in France

2 minutes de lecture

A new page for the Cap Vert Group which has its shareholding assessed with Ambienta SGR S.p.A.

Cap Vert is one of the French leaders in the landscaping market with a strong expertise in pruning services.

Cap Vert is a one stop shop for urban landscaping services and a pruning specialist and has been acting as a market consolidator. Its Buy & Build strategy has accelerated since Evolem entry in July 2020 with 9 add-ons completed over the last twelve months, and an impressive pipeline of acquisitions. Group 5-year business plan has been overachieved in less than two years thanks to a strong organic and external growth. Today, the Group has a turnover of more than 70 M€ and employs more than 500 people.

Ambienta will support Cap Vert to scale and further expand its geographical coverage in France and its product offering supported by a strong environmental trend. The solid performance of the last years and the commitment of the management team have convinced Evolem and BNP Développement to reinvest in the deal alongside Ambienta.

With the support of its shareholders, the Group led by the founder Alain Capillon and a strong top management team will keep on expanding its geographical coverage in France, further developing existing activities in which it is well positioned, while addressing adjacent activities through add-ons.

Read the French press release of the 17th of December 2021