2 minutes de lecture

EVOLEM acquires a majority stake in the company RX SOLUTIONS, manufacturer and services provider in Computed Tomography (CT).

RX Solutions was founded in 2006 by Loïc CHEREL and two partners in Annecy. The company is a recognized expert in Computed Tomography (CT), an X-ray imaging technic derived from medical scanners and used in many industries for non-destructive testing and analyzis of the inner structure of all kind of material, components and assemblies.

Historically sold to Universities and research centers, RX solutions’ CT systems are now increasingly used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical devices, electronics or micro-mechanic.

RX Solutions has established a strong position in the CT market. The company is recognized for providing high performance CT systems especially with high resolution for detailed parts inspection and also for providing high quality support to its customer base.The company has achieved a turnover of €8M last year with 55% of its sales abroad.

The shareholders of the company, Loïc CHEREL (founder), Enzo Di LUIGI (CEO), François VAUDAINE (CTO) and Norbert GIRAUD wanted to partner EVOLEM to benefit from their expertise in build up strategy and from their support to structure the company for strong expected growth.

Read the press release of the 12th of September 2019