A new external growth for Acoem in the USA

1 minute de lecture

Acoem widens its Industry 4.0 reliability services capabilities in North America with the integration of Reliability Point.

Acoem’s vision of becoming the world leader in Industry 4.0 reliability solutions and services took another leap forward this week with the acquisition of the Reliability division of US asset Integrity and Reliability company, Reliability Point.

For Acoem, the decision to fold Reliability Point into the company was clear cut. It will allow the company to build its reliability service capabilities across the US, provide greater support to its customers, and work with a team that is highly experienced in digitised reliability solutions, automated diagnostics and remote access data analysis.

Evolem has been supporting Acoem since 2011 as part of its incubator platform strategy of medium-sized companies. Here is the 6th international growth in 10 years !

Read the Acoem’s press release of the 2nd of June 2021