EVOLEM Start participates in fund raising for Rubix

1 minute de lecture

The startup company Rubix, based in Toulouse, was founded two years ago by Jean-Christophe Mifsud, founder of Alpha Mos, that has contributed to the creation of the electronic nose. Rubix combines gas, odour and particle microsensors with software linked to cloud databases that recognize sources of pollution and environmental contamination.

Its connected smartboxes are already used by 10 groups of the CAC 40 and 50% of the turnover is generated internationally. Its applications are for indoor air monitoring (offices, shopping centres, hospitals…) and outdoor air monitoring (cities, ports, factories…)

The round table is completed by CPG in Aix-en-Provence, bpifrance and other business angels, among them Jean-Pierre Gloton, co-founder of Gemplus.
This fundraising will accelerate Rubix’ global marketing and strengthen its R&D (in terms of of noises and odours footprints) with an increase of staff from 10 to 20 employees.

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