EVOLEM Start’s philosophy
Evolem Start helps entrepreneurs implement their vision. We invest in start-ups which are consistent with our values and on which we can make an impact. Our family office organisation enables us to make decisions quickly and to be a stable and ambitious partner with a long-term vision (evergreen).

A family office established by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs

In 1988 Bruno Rousset shook up the insurance market by creating a start-up in Lyon with a single focus: customers. In 2019, when we sold our majority stake, APRIL had operations in 28 countries, 3,900 staff members and a turnover of almost €1 billion.

We understand the great entrepreneurial adventure and ensuing emotional roller-coaster, the journey undertaken by these people who are utterly devoted to their endeavour. We are agile, pragmatic and rooted in the daily reality of entrepreneurs. We stand by their side with perspicuity, care and exacting standards of implementation. We always strive to create the most conducive conditions for a project’s success.

Responsiveness and support

Aligning interests

  • Our primary motivation is entrepreneurial: we want to make projects grow; financial performance is only a consequence.

Long-term vision

  • We select projects whose vision we share and which we want to support, without any time constraints.

Responsiveness and flexibility

  • Our decision-making processes are simple and fast, and our structure (simplified joint stock company without external investors) offers us great flexibility.
Shareholdings to date
Created jobs
Raised through our portfolio
Key Evolem Start figures at 11/08/21
Our investment criteria
  • We invest in ticket sizes ranging from €300k to €3m
  • We take part in seed and series A funding rounds
  • We are agnostic in terms of sector and business model
  • We can be leader, co-leader or follower
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François NOIR
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Thomas RIVAL
Evolem Start
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Investment Manager
Evolem Start
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Evolem Start

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And all the companies we support via Evolem Platform and those accompanied since the creation of Evolem.

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