GROUPE ID’EES releases its promotional movie

1 minute de lecture

With the motto that exclusion is not inevitable, Pierre Choux founded the 1st subsidiary of the GROUPE ID’EES in 1985, which has become a key organisation in social reintegration through the employment for people in difficulty. Supported since 2008 by Evolem, GROUPE ID’EES has generated revenues of € 58M in 2017 and employs 4300 persons (1545 employees at full time).

This company provides professional integration through the employment for people in very different areas (transport, relocation, carpentry-development, green spaces, collective catering, temporary work…) and throughout the French territory.

Patrick Choux, CEO of the GROUPE ID’EES since 2013, presents, with his teams, a rate of exit from unemployment to employment of more than 66%… a great achievement !

To find out more about Groupe Id’ées, watch the presentation video in French