Founder of Evolem and Chair of the Supervisory Board

Portrait de Bruno Rousset

Career path

It was in 1988 that Bruno Rousset embarked on an entrepreneurial adventure and decided to found the APRIL Group, with the firm intention of transforming the world of insurance. The company quickly became successful, by putting customers at the heart of its organisation. A born entrepreneur, Bruno Rousset is also a visionary and committed man. What motivates him? Promoting entrepreneurship and helping companies to grow. These convictions led him to establish the Evolem holding in Lyon in 1997. The aim was to help companies develop in order to support their future projects.

In a few words

Social commitment.
He established the Entrepreneurs de la Cité Foundation in 2006, making entrepreneurship accessible to all. The organisation offers a solidarity-based micro-insurance scheme which is unique in France. Then, in 2008, through the APRIL Foundation, he decided to contribute to a fairer, more solidarity-based society.

Through Evolem Citoyen, the endowment fund set up in 2014, Bruno Rousset focused his social objective on training and employment for young people particularly affected by unemployment, by assessing the efficiency of public spending and highlighting the positive initiatives in this area.

At the beginning of 2019, Bruno Rousset brought Evolem into the Entreprise des Possibles initiative launched by Alain Mérieux to bring companies on board in the fight against extreme poverty.
Biography of Bruno Rousset