Key4Job is a tool developed by EVOLEM Citoyen in 2015. It is an online guide offering career and job seeking advice and inspiration to young people. Key4Job lists various tools and measures covering 5 topics (careers guidance, employment, entrepreneurship, external obstacles, bouncing back). It also includes a blog offering practical advice and information about state aid and public policy. Key4Job offers various tools, each with the same purpose: to offer all young people the means to move forward and get answers to the questions they may have about their career, job seeking, working and how to fund their plans. This website showcases various measures and tools available for young people (initiatives cards) but also offers advice via a blog. Facebooks lives and videos are used to share information, tips and advice, but there are also guest speakers and a podcast (‘Galères de Jeune’) which gives a voice to young people who share stories of their own experience, choices, light-bulb moments, struggles and solutions.
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